UK Researcher Studying Impacts of Nanopesticides on Nitrogen

Nitrogen leaching is a constant concern for many in the agricultural industry with many working to determine how to prevent it. Tiffany Messer, a researcher in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, is leading a study that will determine the impact nanopesticides have on the...
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UK & Purdue Seeking Calves Lost to or Injured by Black Vultures

It’s not a surprise to seasoned cattle producers that black vultures will prey on newborn calves. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is teaming up with Purdue University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services and the Denis H. Heeke Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory...
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Planting In Clay Soils

Clay soils, found in many of our landscapes, do not mean you can never achieve a garden worthy of glossy magazine coverage but it does mean you will have to work harder at it. Improving your clay...
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UK To Host Fencing Schools In May

The University of Kentucky will host two regional fencing schools this spring to help livestock producers learn the newest fencing techniques and sound fence construction. The 2021 spring schools will occur May 11 at the Christian County Extension office in Hopkinsville...
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Emerald Ash Borer Moving Into Western Kentucky

The emerald ash borer is slowly making its way into Western Kentucky after spending the past decade largely in the eastern half of the state. The tiny, dark-green metallic beetle was first found in Central Kentucky in 2009. Due to the “Slow the Spread” campaign and quarantines that encouraged Kentuckians...
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Growing Salad Greens

While it may be just a little early to start planting tomatoes and peppers, there is one crop tough enough to take the inevitable cold snap before our frost-free date – salad greens, specifically lettuce, spinach, and...
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Farmstead Butcher Block to Locate Near Central City

Governor Andy Beshear announced Monday that Farmstead Butcher Block plans to invest over $1.2 million to establish a meat processing operation near Central City that is expected to create 25 full-time jobs. Farmstead is a newly established...
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