The effort to clean up tornado and storm debris at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center in Princeton was massive following the December 10 tornado that destroyed almost every building on the station.

The debris cleanup effort was headed up by U.K. Extension Forage Specialist Dr. Chris Tuesch, who provided a detailed update during the recent Wheat Field Day.

click to download audioDr. Tuesch says there were a number of volunteers who assisted during the cleanup.

click to download audioHe adds the amount of debris was unbelievable.

click to download audioDr. Tuesch says the cleanup required some fields to be done more than once.

click to download audioAlthough the December 10 Quad State tornado that left a path of destruction through Mayfield, Princeton, Dawson Springs, and other Western Kentucky counties did its damage in the minutes, the restoration effort will continue for years. Tuesday the News Edge will provide details about temporary facilities at the Research and Education Center, with a Wednesday story to detail some initial rebuilding plans at the station.


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