What started off as a few scattered reports of armyworms across Kentucky a few weeks ago, has now turned into a full-blown invasion. Experts say a particularly widespread and intense outbreak of armyworms is causing damage to lawns, crops, and pastures across the state.


University of Kentucky Extension Forage Specialist, Chris Teutsch says an invasion is underway.

click to download audioTeutsch says it is important for growers to get ahead of the invasion.

click to download audioWhen armyworms are on the move, the pests can turn a lush green lawn into a brown, barren wasteland seemingly overnight. One Trigg County resident, Cindy Greenman says her lawn has nothing green left.

click to download audioMost Lawn and Ag supply companies can apply an insecticide to control the pest.

click to download audioTeutsch says the infestation is unusually severe.

click to download audioBrown lawns have also been reported in the Hopkinsville area as well as many other nearby locations. Once armyworms are discovered in your lawn, spraying seems to be your only defense.