History, Water Quality, livestock, row crops, and a trip across Little River were among the experiences during the 2021 Trigg County Farm Tour at River Bend Farms.

Mary Beth Baker, Alana and Chris Dunn, and the employees at River Bend Farms hosted the tour Thursday, with Alana Dunn saying a number of topics were covered.

click to download audioDunn also traced the farm history back to another well-known Trigg County farm family.

click to download audioAnd the tour included a much-requested ride on wagons across Little River that runs through the farm.

click to download audioTrigg County Agriculture Committee member Stephanie Perry says the tour a wonderful to learn and share.

click to download audioShe adds the tour is a combination of learning and fellowship.

click to download audioDunn thanked her staff at River Bend Farms for their hard work to prepare for Thursday’s tour.

Photos and Video from the tour are being posted on the Your Ag Edge website.