Two bald Eagles, that were discovered in poor health in early June, are now soaring above the Bruce Farm in Christian County.

The Eagles were found on the farm by Mike Bruce as he was going to feed the cattle.

click to download audioBoth Eagles were taken to Louisville to be nursed back to health by Raptor Rehabilitators of Kentucky. Facilities Manager Tiffany Dicks said the Eagles were in extremely poor health when they arrived.

click to download audioDicks said the Eagles appear to be mates.

click to download audioDicks adds when the eagles were released into the flight area at the rehabilitation center in Louisville they were able to mentor two younger eagles.

click to download audioAfter they were released on the farm the eagles flew over a cornfield and landed in some nearby trees.

Mike Bruce says it is great to have the eagles back on the farm.

click to download audioMike said he and the entire family were able to keep up with the progress of the eagles as they recovered.

Slow motion video by Matthew Browning of Raptor Rehabilitators

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