The Trigg County Farm Tour Friday, July 22, featured stops at the Humphries Farm, the Joe and Pat Rogers Farm, and the farm of Dwight and Sharon Wolfe.

Tour participants learned about beef cattle, dark tobacco, row crops, strawberries, and tomatoes at the Humphries Farm.  During the stop at Joe and Pat Rogers Farm tour participants learned about Joe and Pat’s passion for their farm, how they grew the farm from a dream to what it is today, and what they enjoy about the agriculture life.  The final tour stop featured a visit with Dwight and Sharon Wolfe who spent their careers working in agribusiness.  Both talked their passion for the people of agriculture, the row crop operation that is now managed by Isom Brothers, and Dwight even shared the story the pond in front of their house.

Photos by News Edge reporter and photographer Nolia Williams.


2022 Trigg County Farm Tour