Beef producers and consumers have a growing interest in forage-finished beef. The University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech and West Virginia University are offering a free pasture-finished beef production online workshop 7-9 p.m. EDT Aug. 11-13.

“Getting adequate growth to reach a ‘finished’ state and addressing market issues can be challenging for producers who choose to finish cattle on pasture,” said Greg Halich, longtime beef producer and agricultural economist for the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Photo by Matt Barton

Halich and West Virginia University forage specialist Ed Rayburn will lead the workshop and share their experience in producing and marketing pasture-finished beef. Sessions will include: A production overview including pasture-finishing myths, information on forages and grazing management; cattle selection; supplementation and winter management; marketing and processing; and a final session putting it all together covering profitable finishing systems. A producer panel will offer insights from the fulltime producer’s perspective.

Each participant will receive digital copies of the pasture-finished beef production manual and all the presentation materials.

There is no registration fee, however, space is limited. Register online at A flyer with all the details is also available online at

— Aimee Nielson, UK College of Agriculture

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