It is just another one of those things that seems so appropriate to the year 2020. According to a report, sightings of an invasive species of a snake-like worm have been reported in the state of Georgia.

Officials with the University of Georgia agriculture extension office have reported that the shovel-headed garden worms, which are also known as hammerhead worms, have found their way into the state, with more than 100 sightings in the Atlanta area alone.

The worms, which can reach nearly 12 inches in length, get their name from the shape of their heads. The mouths of hammerhead worms are not located on their head, but rather midway down the bottom surface of their bodies.

Photo – Wikipedia

Ag officials state the worms are carnivorous, eating primarily earthworms and other invertebrates in the soil. Additionally, the worms produce tetrodotoxin, which is the same poison produced by pufferfish.

In the CNN report, agriculture officials say that while these worms do not appear to be dangerous to humans, people should still exercise caution around them as the tetrodotoxin is very dangerous.

And, as if all of that is not creepy enough, ag officials say the worms can reproduce from cut body sections, go chopping them up may not be the best way to try and get rid of them.

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